Bee Venom Therapy – A New Outlook on MS Medication

While some MS patients turn to modern medicine for treatment, Pat Wagner uses Bee Venom Therapy to decrease her chances of a relapse.

Wagner, an MS patient since 1970, began BVT in 1992 after she experienced an exacerbation that was resistant to medication.

Before beginning therapy, Wagner was not on any frequent medication.

Wagner said she began intentionally stinging herself approximately 100 times daily. She then came to the realization that decreased the number of stings she administered.

“The number of stings is not better; it depends on where you sting,” Wagner said.

Wagner stings herself in specific places on her body, depending on what her symptoms are that day.

Wagner has three hives that are kept at her home in Waldorf, Md. She has two in her backyard, containing 40,000 – 50,000 bees, and one in her kitchen, containing 10,000 bees. She said the upkeep is fairly easy, considering the bees fend for themselves. She often has visitors stop by her home asking for bees for therapy.

“I don’t charge visitors for bees,” Wagner said. “They may give me a donation, but all I ask for is a hug and a kiss.”

Wagner said there is no negative side affects from BVT, and her symptoms have become less frequent since she began the treatment. She truly believes in what some might call a “holistic” treatment, and frequently considers her bees when thinking about the wellness of others.

“All I can tell you is to Bee Well,” Wagner said.

For more information about Pat and BVT, visit


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