New options for MS Patients on Rebif

Rebif is an injection that is used to treat relapsing forms of MS. Rebif has been known to decrease the number of flare-ups and slow the occurrence of some physical disability that is common in people with MS. The injection is administered three times weekly.

Previously, Rebif has been given through a preassembled syringe where patients needed to learn how to load the syringe into an auto-injector called the Rebiiject II. The purpose of the injector is to make it easier for Rebif users to administer their injection by pushing a button located on the injector that inserts the medication underneath your skin.

This month, Rebif produced the Rebidose, an already assembled, single-use autoinjector. This new injector makes it easier for MS patients to carry on-the-go due to the syringe already being in tact and ready for use.

In the open-label user trial, 86 percent of the people who tried Rebif Rebidose said it was easy to use, and 87 percent said they would be comfortable using it away from home.

Rebif Rebidose is also a medical product that is being recycled and reused as a new resource that is capable of powering homes and businesses. (Rebif Rebidose Sharps disposal program).

For more information on Rebif, please visit

To receive more information about the new Rebif Rebidose and the Rebif Rebidose Sharps disposal program, contact MS LifeLines at 1-877-447-3243.


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