A Day in the Life of an MS Patient

In an interview with an individual, Diane R., living with MS, she revealed her daily trials and tribulations.

Q: How long have you had MS, and what kind do you have?

A: I was diagnosed in 2005, and I have relapsing-remitting.

Q: What happens to you in a relapse?

A: I experience weakness from the heat. My body generates spasms, numbing, tingling and double vision. I become unbalanced. I also cannot wear closed-toe shoes because of the heat. I have 33 lesions on my brain, but I still have RRMS, which is the least progressive. I try not to pay attention to how many lesions I have, but to where they are located on my brain. I am positive when it comes to my illness because I can still walk.

Q: What is the best approach to handling your illness emotionally and physically?

A: As for emotionally, I use prayer for support and to deplete my stress level. I try to remove myself from stressful situations. On a physical aspect, I’ve had to learn not to do things that will overheat my body. I’ve also learned to do things in stages and to take breaks when I become tired.

Q: What would you like to tell me that would impact my readers?

A: The most important thing is your faith. When I was in a wheelchair because my symptoms were so bad that I couldn’t walk, I prayed the hardest that I ever have before. God put me through it, and I believe that is why I am not in a wheelchair today.

Q: What kind of treatment are you on?

A: I am currently on Copaxone, and I luckily do not have side effects. I sometimes have a little itchiness in the injection site area.

Q: What are your doctors saying about any kind of progression of MS?

A: They are unable to determine any kind of progression because the disease is so complicated and unknown.





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Hi, all! My name is Brooke, and I am currently a journalism student at the University of Florida. As a 22-year-old individual living with Multiple Sclerosis, I have learned that life experience comes from taking the most challenging obstacles in our lives and turning them into lessons. The purpose of this blog is to not only share my story with you, but to learn yours as well,whether you have MS, or know someone close to you with the illness. I also want to make this blog an oasis of hope for everyone who views it by posting life-changing quotes, inspiring research, interviews from MS survivors, and overall good news for everyone. So I hope you enjoy, and always be well. -Brooke
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